Highest Quality, Purity and the Best Supplements you can Trust

LACTONOVA for years has set the standard through which firms in the industry are judged for purity of product. Experts rely on Lactonova and its products as they are non GMO, extremely hypo allergic and for products bioavailability.

  • Free from GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • Pristine level of stability and high quality
  • Consistent level of quality assurance and quality
  • All products are Scientifically proven, based on natural ingredients
  • More than 1000+ different raw materials are annually tested


For instance, rather than buying prediluted vitamin D, as other firms do, Lactonova performs its own dilution to prevent detrimental ingredients, such as the lactose or preservatives that are found in many commercially available dilutions. Why should vitamin D be diluted? Since in its pure form, it is too concentrated to safely blend into a vitamin product. Pure vitamin D per gram is 40 MILLION IU (International Units). The RDA is 600-800 IU per day for adults. To make sure proper mixing, it must be made into a dilute powder that flows and does not lose potency. So, unlike corporations that use prediluted vitamin D that contains unacceptable preservatives, and excipients , we at Lactonova, pure pharmaceutical vitamin D is first blended with pure mixed vitamin E tocopherol, and the resultant stable vitamin D is then merged with hypoallergenic cellulose powder. The end powder is blended in a large tumble blender and subsequently analysed. Not only is the end product stable but also hypoallergenic and can be mixed homogeneously and at a safe level with other powders. Just like with vitamin D, Lactonova utilizes similar processes for other raw materials like vitamin K, leaving it to other firms to purchase commercially available raw materials filled with unacceptable preservatives and ingredients.