Our Purpose

With Demonstrated History Over 2 Decades, founded in 2000. Lactonova is a Prominent Nutraceutical Company, Dedicated into Manufacturing and sales of nutraceutical and dietary supplement formulations, ingredients, and research. We can handle formulation custom blending, Designing and execution for all of your product Requirements. We offer a superior quality, competitive pricing, short lead time, and full-service Contract manufacturing and Private label manufacturing.

Lactonova brags a world-class manufacturing facility located in Southern & Northern parts of India. Our facility is a state-of-the-art certified GMP/ISO manufacturer and FSSAI registered facility built to outdo all quality and safety standards. The facility is operated by sophisticated and ingenious team of professionals who are devoted to the doctrine of providing outstanding human health and wellbeing. We are a rare Merger of Thinker’s and Creators; A group of professional Minds contribute their diligence to the field of Nutraceutical science. We partake a cutting-edge technology with the modern-day production and packaging equipment.

Big or small… We devoted to serve you with the same Intent.

Our ground-breaking services allow us to cater to the companies of all sizes. Lactonova is your one-stop Destination when you require corporate manufacturer, powder manufacturer, informed choice manufacturer, or Gummies manufacturer.


We determine to work as a silent Ambassador to your Brand

To Succeed in today's ever-changing landscape, you need access to global trend insights that inspire new concepts and solutions. Lactonova proprietary research and wide-ranging network of trend spotters can help recognize evolving market opportunities for your brand. Advance with our innovative team of specialists and quicken speed to market capabilities.


Years of Experience…

100% Dedicated Nutraceutical Company in India.

Ancient wisdom and youthful passion together to show the world the power of innovative nutritional products for life.


Our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people by providing superior dietary supplements that have the highest level of quality and purity – thereby creating the most respected and valued company in the dietary supplement industry.


Team Lactonova comprises of highly experienced "people with individuals" in the Quality Control, Quality assurance, purchase, production and maintenance ensuring maximum product safety and highest quality.